Video meetings at SLU - Questions & Answers

Last changed: 13 February 2024

Video conferencing systems, video conferencing Teams and Zoom.

SLU has several teaching rooms with video conference facilities at our locations. Several departments have their own video conferencing equipment that is used exclusively by each department. There are also shared video meeting rooms in, for example, Ulls Hus.

In a video meeting at SLU, you can invite participants who connect from many different places in the world and through many different technical solutions. You can also webcast your meeting so that it is possible to follow both live or afterwards.

Below we answer the most common questions we receive regarding video meetings at SLU.

How do I book a video conference?

There are several ways to book a video conference.

Does it cost anything to book a video conference?

The video conference itself generates no cost, however, there may be a local cost when booking common teaching rooms.

Which rooms can you book for me - which do I have to book myself?

When you book a video meeting, the room booking can book common teaching rooms for you. You do this via email to

We can only book the connection to private premises such as the common premises in Ull's house or premises and meeting rooms that are owned and administered by a department or institution. You must therefore book the physical premises yourself before your meeting. In most cases, you do this through Outlook.

How do I connect to a video conference at SLU?

Through its video meeting booking, your meeting organizer has received an invitation with information and instructions on how all participants go about joining the meeting. You can join the meeting via Zoom, video conferencing system, web browser and phone. Contact your meeting organizer if you have not received instructions on how to join the meeting.

You can also contact us via or 018-676600 (tone dial 2) and we will help you connect to your meeting.

Can I participate in a video conference by phone?

SLU Video Meeting

  1. Call 018-27 87 80
  2. Enter Meeting ID
  3. End with #



  1. Call 018-27 87 80
  2. Dial "99" followed by Meeting ID
  3. End with #



  1. Follow the instructions in your meeting invitation



  • Cost-effective, only any room rent is charged.
  • Time efficient, you avoid unnecessary travel times.
  • Environmentally smart, reduced travel results in fewer emissions.