SLU:s self evaluation

Last changed: 18 May 2022

SLU:s self evaluation is written in accordance to the instructions in UKÄ:s Guidelines for reviewing the HEIs' quality assurance processes.

The self evaluation was produced by work group at the division of planning under supervision of a steering group (Vice-chancellor (chair), chair of FUR, vice-chair of UN, UN:s external member, chair of SLUSS). The so called "utbildningsadministrativa noden" supported the working group with information, examples and comments etc. Several directors of studies , teachers and researcher as well as administrative officers read and commented on drafts. The final version was approved by the Vice-chancellor with a formal decison.

SLU:s self evaluation is only available in Swedish. If proven necessary, parts of the 70 pages can by translated in order to support interviews etc. Meanwhile, non-Swedish speaking persons can get support from the working group (see contact below).