Time frames and instructions 2024

Last changed: 20 March 2024

The following documents are to be used in the quality assurance 2024:


First and second cycle education ("GU") 

In 2024 SLU will focus on evaluation and revision of the Quality Assurance System and as a result there will be no evaluations of programmes during this time period.


Doctoral education



Doctoral level - deadlines 

15 Sept

Each doctoral education board (Fun) submit their current situation analysis to Fur-sekr@slu.se (deadline). 

Each doctoral student council submits their comments to Fur-sekr@slu.se at the latest one week before respective dialogue.

Dates for quality assurance dialogues:

16 Oct kl 10-12,LTV Faculty 

30 Oct kl 13-15, S Faculty

4 Nov kl. 10-12, VH Faculty 

4 Nov kl 13-15, NJ Faculty

12 Dec

A report is presented and discussed at the Fur meeting. 



Quality dialogues

Participants will be invited via the Outlook calendar.