Primula self-service

Last changed: 06 February 2024

All employees are now welcome to log in to Primula again. Thank you for waiting so patiently.

  • As an employee, it is your responsibility to register your cases in Primula, including those you've previously communicated to your manager during the system's downtime.
  • All data recorded until Friday, January 19, remains intact in the system, so there's no need to re-enter that information.
  • Refrain from registering cases that do not impact the February salary, such as planned absences occurring after February 29.

In Primula self-service you can register travel expenses, leave of absence, sick leave etc.

Please make sure to log in on the staff web start page! The log-in button for Primula is only visble when logged in. You also have to be connected to the SLU network. If you are working remotely, connect to the VPN.


Division of Human Resources 

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