Project description

Last changed: 30 October 2017


The project aims to create a quality assured, legally certain and efficient examination service for departments och students.

Goals and objectives

Following goals och objectives must be met at the end of the project:

Goal - Introduce an university-wide examination management at SLU's main campus areas

Objective 1Provide guidelines for coordinated examinations

Objective 2All examinations must be booked in the approved examination rooms through Service Centre

Objective 3Service Centre will handle all the examination invigilators

Objective 4Provide a mandatory training for the examination invigilators

Objective 5Clarify existing guidelines and instructions for informing students prior to the examination


The project is carried out in two steps:

  • Step 1 - Campus Uppsala
  • Step 2 - Campus Umeå and Campus Alnarp

Timeline (step 1)

Autumn semester 2017:

  • Provide guidelines and instructions for examination management
  • Provide training materials and instructions for users
  • Training of system users (administrators + Service Centre)

Spring semester 2018:

  • Training of examination invigilators
  • Handling of examination invigilators within VH-, NJ- and S-faculty as well as responsibility for all examination room bookings is transfered to Service Centre

Start of autumn semester 2018:

  • All handling of examination invigilators and all examination room bookings at Campus Uppsala is done by Service Centre.