Decision-making at SLU

Last changed: 11 January 2024

Decisions at the university can be taken by individual decision-makers or a decision-making body. Decisions at a central level are taken by the SLU Board, the vice-chancellor or the chief operating offer.

The SLU Board, the vice-chancellor and the chief operating officer all have the authority to take decisions that apply to the university as a whole. Their decision-making powers are governed by the Higher Education Ordinance and SLU’s delegations of authority.

There are procedures in place for decision-making, and for decisions taken by the SLU Board, the vice-chancellor and decision-making bodies there are also fixed deadlines for submitting supporting documents.

Before a decision is taken, a case must be thoroughly prepared and presented according to procedure. All decisions must be documented.

Who decides?

The SLU Board decides on matters concerning strategy, organisation and the annual distribution of government grants.

The vice-chancellor decides on strategic and operative matters.

The chief operating officer decides on matters related to the university administration.

More detailed information can be found in SLU’s delegations of authority.

The SLU Board

The board normally meets six times a year.

Vice-chancellor’s decision meetings (Reb)

The vice-chancellor takes decisions at meetings normally held every Wednesday during the semester.

Chief operating officer’s decision meetings

Date and time are agreed on a case-by-case basis.


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