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Petra Marhava receives the SPPS Early Career Prize

Published: 10 June 2024
Portrait photo of Petra Marhava

The Scandinavian Plant Physiology Society (SPPS) awards Petra Marhava with the SPPS Early Career Prize. The prize recognises her progress and contributions to plant biology over the past few years and will be awarded to her at the SPPS2024 Conference in Copenhagen in August this year.

Petra Marhava started to establish her research group at Umeå Plant Science Centre in 2022 when she became Assistant Professor at SLU. Her research focuses on plant acclimation to temperature stress. Right at the beginning, she secured starting grants from the Swedish and the European Research Councils. With the Early Career Prize, SPPS acknowledges Petra Marhava’s achievements over the past years and aims to further support her career.

The motivation for the prize highlights Petra Marhava’s “excellent track record with publications in top tier journals such as Nature and Cell” and that she “has been able to quickly secure funding from important sources”. This is reflected in the size of Petra Marhava’s research group, which currently comprises four postdoctoral researchers and one PhD student, as well as project students.

The SPPS Early Career Prize is awarded every second year to an early career plant scientist based in a Nordic country if nominations of sufficient quality are received. It is a monetary award and will be officially presented to Petra Marhava during the SPPS2024 Conference in Copenhagen in August this year where she will also present her research. This is the fourth time that the SPPS Early Career Prize has been awarded to a researcher from Umeå Plant Science Centre.