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Cell biology

Cell biology is about the structure, function and regulation of cells and interactions between cells in tissues and organs.

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Ludwig Lundberg

ludwig.lundberg@slu.se I am a doctoral Student at the Department of Molecular Sciences. I study the probiotic activity of Lactobacillus reuteri. The bioactivity of probiotic microorganisms is

Magnus Åbrink

magnus.abrink@slu.se Associate professor (Docent), Senior Lecturer (Immunology): My current research focus on i) immunity to parasitic worm infections and the immunomodulation inflicted by secreted

Erica Selin

erica.selin@slu.se PhD student in the Molecular Toxicology research group As a part of Professor Lundqvist's group, my research focuses on applying in vitro methods on food items, food additives

Mohammad Hossein Banabazi

mohammad.hossein.banabazi@slu.se I'm the researcher at the quantitative genetics group, at the department of animal genetics and breeding (HGEN), Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science Center (VHC),

Regina Gratz

regina.gratz@slu.se My research focusses on how organic nitrogen such as amino acids influence plant development, symbiotic interactions with microbes as well as susceptibility to plant pathogens. I

Wood properties affect the efficiency of nanocellulose extraction

Nanocellulose forms the basis of many novel materials and is used already now for a wide range of different applications. Anne Bünder, PhD student in Totte Niittylä’s group, investigated how wood

Torbjörn Larsson

Torbjörn is an intern at HGEN. Bioinformatician. I am interested in deep phylogenies and to produce things people find useful. As intern at HGEN I have participated in the 2021 HEC course

Torbjörn Larsson

Torbjörn is a bioinformatician intern at HGEN. I am interested in deep phylogenies and to produce things people find useful. As intern at HGEN I have participated in the 2021 HEC course

Ebba Perman

ebba.perman@slu.se PhD student at the Department of Molecular Sciences at SLU in Anna Schnürer's group, where we work with anaerobic microbiology in biogas processes. In my research I focus on high

Eva Skiöldebrand

ORCID-page https://www.slu.se/forskning/akademiskt/nya-professorer/professorer-2018/eva-skioldebrand/

Sajeevan Radha Sivarajan

sajeevan.radha.sivarajan@slu.se I am a researcher in the Resistance Biology Group at the Department of Plant Protection Biology, Alnarp. I joined the team in February 2020 as a Postdoctoral fellow.

Stina Hellman

Researcher with an interest in horses, parasites and immunology My great interest in animals and nature led me to Uppsala and to the agronomy education at SLU. Along the way, I became curious to