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A toolbox for academic productivity and stress management

Published: 02 February 2024
Group photo of 14 participants of the Stress management workshop, 2024.

“It was an amazing workshop, very useful and practical” that was the feedback of many of our participants at the “Stress management workshop”.

The "Stress management workshop" was conducted at Ultuna Campus on the 1st of February 2024. The workshop was given by Sara Ingvarsson, Licenced Psychologist, PhD and organized by Dalia Abdelfattah Associate Professor at SLU. The workshop is part of the activities provided by the research school of Sustainable systems for food, energy and biomaterials (SSFEB), SLU.

The workshop's aim was to provide academics with a toolbox for increased academic productivity and decreased stress levels. It included both theoretical perspectives on stress and stress management as well as practices of different individual techniques to handle stress and stressful situations. It also included techniques for time management and problem-solving, in addition to discussions to look at how the Ph.D. students can support each other to manage stress and how the supervisors, department and university can provide support to them.