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Current information about new telecom operator

Published: 28 August 2023

As previously announced, SLU will switch to Tele2 as the new telecom operator.

A previous news article about this can be read here.


Important points that should be read by all employees at SLU

  • Date for transition to Tele2 is planned for 25 October.

  • Both the IT department and Tele2 need time to go through lists etc. with all subscriptions and therefore no changes to subscriptions or new subscriptions can be ordered after September 8. In exceptional cases, new numbers can be ordered between 8/9-24/10, but they will then be separate numbers outside the switchboard, which will then have to be changed again.

  • Some SIM cards can’t be transferred to the new operator automatically for practical reasons. This may apply to SIM cards used in research such as on animals in the wild or SIM cards in some form of alarm that must be handled by a service technician.
    The IT department has knowledge of some of these SIM cards, but not all. There are examples where SIM cards do not have the correct information in the registers. Therefore, everyone who has a SIM card that is not to be transferred to Tele2 must submit a case about this to no later than September 8. If you don't do this, there is a risk that numbers will stop working after the transition.

  • All other external SIM not used in your phone will be cancelled and if you need one after 24/10, an order must be sent to This applies to both mobile broad band and what is called data sim and twin card. Note that this refers to when you have a separate SIM card in, for example, an iPad, not that you have the option of using the internet in your regular mobile phone.

  • If you will be abroad on 24/10, send a case to and we will provide you with a SIM card that you can change on the day of the transition.

  • E-SIM cannot be transferred to Tele2, if you need an E-SIM, an order must be made to

  • Tele2 has a solution for national roaming called Tele2 Open. This means that people with a very high need for mobile phone coverage, for example when working regularly in the field far from the nearest settlement, can get access to all Swedish mobile networks. This is at an increased cost of 150 SEK/month. If you have a subscription that should have access to Tele2 Open, send an order to This can also be added later.

  • It has previously been informed that the extra mobile inside coverage that is being built at some sites will be both 4G and 2G. That is wrong, it will only be 4G. If you have an older phone without 4G it will need to be replaced. This has nothing to do with the change of operator as the 2G net is closed all over Sweden right now.

Questions about the project

Can be sent to Project Manager Anna Friis as below. Anna is on leave and will return to work on September 4. If any questions must be answered before then, please send them to Jonas Västibacken,