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New Telephone operator at SLU

Published: 26 June 2023

After procurement, Tele2 won and is the new provider of telephony at SLU.


Tele2 meets two important requirements

SLU’s employees shall have mobile access while of site. Therefore SLU require national rooming i.e. the telephone operators can be used allowing the user better telephone/data accesses.

The other requirement is full usage of phone internationally, voice and data.

The procurement was managed by procurement and IT department with help from an external expert in the area.

During the autumn, a project is running to secure a smooth transition. The transition to Tele2 will take place late October or November 2023.


  • New SIM cards will be sent out before the transition with instructions on how to be changed.
  • Normally you will keep your phone number. There are a small number of special solutions where numbers may need to be changed. We will contact those concerned.
  • During the summer and autumn, Tele2 will build mobile coverage inside buildings. The coverage inside buildings will be improved compared to current. The 3G technique used will be replaced by 4G. As 3G is closed down nationally 2023 this technique needs to be replaces. Therefore some phones need to use 2G, affected phones are for example Doro phones at UDS.
  • Certain subscriptions that are used for research purposes, e.g. tracking transmitters on moose are not affected by this project.

Before the transition to Tele2, tests of various functionality, coverage, etc. will be done in the project to ensure a smooth and safe transition.

The project will continue to inform via the staff webb and e-mail during the autumn.

(The project run last autumn was paused, but now the project is up and running again.)

Projectmanager Anna Friis, as below.


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