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Listen to Human Land Podcast episode 4

Published: 19 January 2023
Human Land 4

In a live hybrid podcast hosted during the SLU Landscape days, four researchers from SLU Landscape discussed their perspectives on interdisciplinary landscape research for a sustainable society.

By looking into dream projects, we explored how to make landscapes and cities that are more sustainable, healthy and democratic, discussing the broad scope to share collaboration between disciplines and society.

This episode is the fourth and last one in a series about how green and natural spaces can support resilient societies. We apply an Environmental Psychology perspective to understand current issues and what actions can be taken by talking to specialists and practitioners in the relevant fields. In this final episode for the first series of Human land, we are optimistic and we want to imagine research in landscape supporting a dream society.

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Amanda Gabriel
Lecturer at the Department of People and Society

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SLU Landscape
SLU Landscape operates as a cross-institutional network for collaboration and joint profiling of work done in the landscape subject area at SLU. It is one of the largest environments for research and teaching in landscape architecture in Europe.