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Elin Röös will be Sommarpratare 2022

Published: 10 June 2022

Elin Röös, researcher at the Department of Energy and Technology, has been selected as one of the Sommarpratare 2022

Elin Röös, is one of the personalities that have been selected to host a program during the well known radio program series Sommar i P1

Elin Röös is one of Sweden's leading experts on the climate and environmental impact of food. She conducts many different research projects that deal with how we can feed a growing population without destroying the planet.

In the radio program, Elin will talk, among other topics, about how easy, and difficult, it is to save the planet by eating right. 

Listen to Elin's Summer Talk on the 12th of August at 13:00 on the radio program Sommar i P1 (in Swedish) that is transmitted at P1 radio station.