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New global leadership programme will contribute to sustainable development

Published: 08 December 2022
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Together with Uppsala University, SLU has been commissioned to implement a new global leadership programme for sustainable development, Leadership for Transformative Change. In the next two years, 60 leaders from all over the world will be offered a place in the programme, which opens for applications shortly.

The leadership programme is developed by a consortium led by Uppsala University. In addition to SLU and Uppsala University, the consortium consists of Karolinska Institutet, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), SALAR International and Business Sweden. At SLU, the programme is coordinated by SLU Global.

Tailor-made and co-creative

- This is an exciting programme where we will tailor the content to the needs of the participants and the specific social situations and challenges they face. We look forward to contributing to the process and also learn along the way, says Sara Gräslund, head of unit at SLU Global.

- Working with change in a society is very complex. Collaboration and co-creation between many different actors who do not have power over each other is needed. Being a driving actor in social change towards a sustainable society is rarely easy. Therefore, this programme offers a platform where experiences can be exchanged and wisdom can be built jointly across national and sector borders, says Klas Palm, researcher at Uppsala University and programme director for Leadership for Transformative Change.

The leadership programme will be open to participants from all sectors of society in low-, middle- and high-income countries. The content is designed in collaboration with the participants and the goal is to contribute to transformative social development in the countries of the participants.

- Since societal changes require collaboration, the idea is that at least two people from the same organisation should participate in the programme, and that the participants' organisations should also be involved in the programme, says Sara Gräslund.

Starts in the coming year

SLU is now working, together with others in the consortium, to spread the word that this educational initiative exists. An important contact is the Swedish embassies in the countries where Sweden provides aid, so that they in turn can communicate the offer further in their networks.

Applications will open shortly for the first round of the leadership programme, with space for 20 leaders from around the world. The programme is planned to start in in the coming year and covers 12 months part-time.

Most of the training takes place online, but all participants will also gather for two physical meetings, one of which will be in Sweden. The programme will be free for participants. 


Leadership for Transformative Change

  • The leadership programme will open its first call for participants shortly and two more calls are planned until 2025. The programme is aimed for individuals in leading positions in the public sector, academia, business or civil society with the potential to contribute to sustainable social change and may also include participants from Sweden with global perspectives. 
  • The programme is a way to involve more social actors in the work to achieve the global goals - Agenda 2030. The breadth of partner countries is made possible by the fact that the programme is co-financed by three authorities.
  • Sida, the Swedish Institute and Vinnova are financiers and clients of the programme.