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The ISP portal - digital management of the doctoral students' individual study plans

Published: 14 June 2021

All doctoral students must have an individual study plan (ISP) and until now this handling has been entirely in paper format. But from June 2021, SLU has a system for digital management of doctoral students' ISPs.

This facilitates the work with ISPs and makes the management more legally secure for the doctoral students and much easier to follow up at different levels within the university.

For new doctoral students: Before deciding on the admission of a new doctoral student, it is the responsibility of the principal main supervisor to create a preliminary ISP in the ISP portal.

For doctoral students who are already admitted to SLU and have an ISP in paper format: The recommendation is that the digital ISP be created in the ISP portal for the next annual update of the ISP.

More information about the ISP portal and the digital ISP can be found on the SLU Staff web.

Log in to the ISP portal.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding the ISP portal, you can contact the project group directly by sending an email to


According to the Higher Education Ordinance, all doctoral students must have an individual study plan (ISP).

The ISP must be updated at least once a year. It contains, among other things, a timetable for the education, a description of the thesis and the thesis project, planned educational activities and the degree outcomes of the education. The ISP also contains parts that must be filled in during follow-up and evaluation of the education.

The commitment part of the ISP must contain commitments that SLU, the principal supervisor and the doctoral student must implement during the coming year in order for the education to proceed according to plan.

The commitment part becomes valid for a maximum of one calendar year. Should a serious conflict arise between the supervisor and the doctoral student, the signed commitment part constitutes an official basis in the work of resolving the conflict.