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SLU Landscape days, April 2021

Published: 04 May 2021
Fika pictures

Two interesting key note speakers - Helena Guttormsdottir and David Thurfjell offered a lot of reflection at the Landscape days in April. Ten workshops were also arranged for the around 90 registered participants.

Helena Guttormsdottir talked about the concept of landscape elements and qualities. David Thurfjell talked about the sacred landscapes in a secularized context and his book Granskogsfolk: hur naturen blev svenskarnas religion.

A fika-activity was a part of the program that related the keynote speaker’s presentation to our individual lives. On the first day, the concept of landscape elements and qualities (like point, line, plane and volumes) that Helena Guttormsdottir presented, were exemplified in the participants own photos of their surrounding environments, and resulted in a characterful collage of cumulus covered skies, meeting earthy spring palettes amidst sweeping Swedish planes.

On the second day, centered around David Thurfjell’s book Granskogsfolk and sacred landscapes in a secularized context, the focus of th fika-activity was on what nature means to each of us and what is sacred, holy or priceless. The resulting collection of images and key words demonstrated a poetic breadth of perspectives and ideas on the atmospheres, beings, rituals, actions and compiled assemblages that makes a place imperative.

Ten interesting workshops with different topics where offered at the Landscape days as well. Read more in these reports from some of the workshop during the SLU Landscape days:

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Many thanks to the inspiring speakers, workshop leaders and participants who contributed during the Landscape days!  


About the keynote speakers:

Helena Guttormsdottir is an artist and senior lecture at the Department of Environmental Planning, Agricultural University of Iceland. She teaches visual art, drawing and modeling as well as landscape theory and analysis. Helena is a member of the Association of Living Art Museum in Iceland and as an artist had several art exhibitions.

David Thurfjell is a historian of religion and professor of religious studies at Södertörn University. He researches various aspects of secularisation in Sweden and has recently published the book Granskogsfolk: hur naturen blev svenskarnas religion (Nordstedts).


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