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Clinical management team strengthens collaboration

Published: 25 March 2021
Maria Engedahl and Nils Fall

Understanding, clarity and consensus. These are some of the key words that comes up when the members of the new management group for KV and UDS describe their joint assignment. The joint clinical management group was established in 2020 and is now finding its working methods. It was the Together project (Tillsammansprojektet) that defined the need for a new management function for VH and UDS.

The purpose of the new management team is to formalize the collaboration that exists between the two units – a forum to raise common problems and current issues. It was the Together project that defined the need for a new management function for VH and UDS.

“It is based on the fact that the units cannot exist without each other, we are connected in our operations. For it to work, there must be a well-functioning management function ", one of the group members describes the background.

The group's focus is to create consensus in joint assignments around education, research and veterinary care. Some issues that are being handled right now are, for example, forms of employment, work culture issues and care hygiene.

"Since we work with the organizations to trust each other, we need to work with both high and low. We must come back to our own organizations with facts and counter rumors. We also have issues that need to be resolved and different wiews that exist, these must be sorted out."

The new management team has only existed since the middle of last year, but already the group feels that it has taken several steps forward.

“We have agreed on our working methods and to develop our ability to listen to each other and to always have a good and open tone. Today, there is a greater understanding of our respective difficulties and challenges. ”

Members of clinical management team

Nils Fall, Maria Engedahl, Henrik Rönnberg, Petra Dittlau (co-opted), Elinora Johansson (co-opted), Eva Molin (co-opted).

Convener: Anders Bjurstam, project leader