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WRAM is part of the new e-infrastructure SBDI

Published: 04 October 2021

The Swedish LifeWatch consortium will end at the end of 2021 and is replaced by the Swedish biodiversity data infrastructure consortium SBDI. WRAM continues the collaboration in a similar way.

SLU WRAM is now part of the Swedish Biodiversity Infrastructure SBDI that is officially lauched on 4 October. SBDI is a national research infrastructure funded by the Swedish Research Council VR between 2021-2024. SBDI is a consortium of 11 partner organisations, merged from the two precursor infrastructures Swedish LifeWatch SLW and Biodiversity Atlas of Sweden BAS.


SLU WRAM is a national competence center and e-infrastructure for biotelemetry sensor data from animals. In our database sensor measurements ranging from positions (GPS), acceleration, proximity, heart rate to body temperature and physiological data from internal sensors for many different species are stored.