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Center for wireless remote animal monitoring (WRAM)

There are 7 pages tagged with Center for Wireless Remote Animal Monitoring (WRAM):

Petter Lundberg

petter.lundberg@slu.se I like to find innovative methods to combine various sensors and techniques to study movement, behaviour and/or physiology. My aim is that the knowledge we gain from my

Debora Arlt

debora.arlt@slu.se I am a population ecologist, I am interested in how the environment shapes individual variation in behaviour and demography and hence population dynamics. In my research I focus

Adriaan De Jong

Adriaan "Adjan" de Jong bo-soren.wiklund@slu.se My research focuses on migratory birds of boreal landscapes. Focal species are Bean Goose Anser fabalis, Eurasian Curlew Numenius arquata and Rustic

Wiebke Neumann

wiebke.neumann@slu.se Researcher, associate professor, studying various questions related to wildlife ecology and land use interests in anthropogenic landscapes. Research interests I have always

Göran Ericsson

Department Chair and Chaired Professor in Wildlife Ecology My tenured professorship focuses on three main topics; plant-animal interactions and animal ecology the use of the biological resource

Håkan Sand

For more information about Håkan, visit the Swedish page.