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Environmental monitoring and assessment news

Here we present news items about environmental monitoring and assessment, a special mission within SLU.

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A global observatory to monitor biodiversity

At a time of unprecedented decline in Earth’s biodiversity, scientists are calling for a new system for monitoring and providing the data needed for decision making and conservation action. Earth’s

Utv medel foma

SLU's environmental monitoring and assessment (EMA) programmes is underway to announce funding for projects 2024. The call opens at the end of August and aims to promote innovation and improvements

We need a national database on burnt forest

Despite discussions over the last 20 years, there is still no database over wildfires and management fires in Sweden, which hampers both fire protection and nature conservation. A new SLU report

Assessing the detectability of European spruce bark beetle

Detecting disease- or insect-infested forests as early as possible is a classic application of remote sensing. Under conditions of climate change and global warming, outbreaks of the European spruce

Tough times for brown trout in a warmer world

Climate has large effects on the distribution of organisms, and species that thrive in cold water, like the brown trout, may face local population extinctions at lower latitudes when the water

Solution-focused study

The part of the landscape that connects watercourses and surrounding land is highly interesting from several perspectives. Here there are strong interests that do not always manage to agree. Now

Upcoming Climate Conversation focuses on creative communication

How can research be communicated? And what works best – stories or facts – to stimulate climate action? These are some topics that will be discussed at the next Climate Conversation on April 27th.

R/V Svea is anchored in Gothenburg

The research and environmental monitoring vessel Svea is moored at Stigbergskajen in Gothenburg between 19 and 23 April 2023 for maintenance. Svea is mainly used for environmental monitoring in the

A competence center for algal toxins and phytoplankton blooms

We can expect toxic algal blooms to become more common as the climate changes. A better understanding of which toxins algae produce and under what circumstances this happens will therefore become

New book about monitoring biodiversity

The EU requires all Member States to carry out continuous monitoring of the environment and the changes taking place. Monitoring of biodiversity is characterised by very rapid technological

Conclusions from forest monitoring workshop

Final summary and conclusions from February’s workshop on forest monitoring have now been published. Impressions were generally positive. SLU organized a workshop at campus Ultuna in February, titled

Knowledge exchange with African environmental monitoring

We have an unusually long-term tradition of robust environmental monitoring and assessment (EMA) in Sweden. The many advantages of monitoring and analysing changes in the environment are something we