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50th Anniversary of The Landscape Architecture Programme

Published: 06 October 2021

The Landscape Architecture Programme at SLU turns 50 years in 2021. The anniversary will be celebrated through a series of roundtable discussions, campus events, a film and an overview of the development of the education over 50 years. Welcome to join in the celebrations!

Four different round table discussions in October and November will be broadcast direct and online. The first one will take place on the 13th of October: “How has landscape architecture design been taught through these 50 years?” Invited speakers are employees and former employees of SLU: Andrea Kahn, Pär ”Pinge” Gustafsson, Carola Wingren, Tomas Eriksson and Arne Nordius. Moderator: Emily Wade

On November 16 the film "The Core of Landscape Architecture Education" will have premiere. Also, a digital overview "Dynamic Expansion - The development of landscape architect education through 50 years" will be published online.

In the spring 2022 the anniversary will be celebrated with two campus events in Alnarp and Ultuna.

Read more about the celebrations and sign up for the round table discussions on the LARK Anniversary website


Matilda Alfengård
Lecturer at the Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management

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