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New book on animal welfare at slaughter!

Published: 26 August 2020
Picture:Book cover "The slaughter of farmed animals"

Lotta Berg at the Department of Animal Environment and Health has co-authored one of the chapters – on the stunning of poultry – in a recently released book entitled ”The slaughter of farmed animals – Practical ways of enhancing animal welfare”, published by CABI and edited by Temple Grandin and Michael Cockram.

The book is aiming at anybody who is involved in animal welfare in relation to slaughter: the abattoir staff, AWOs, official veterinarians/meat inspectors, animal welfare inspectors and similar categories. For example, the book brings up issues related to the inevitable conflicts and trade-offs related to animal welfare concerns and the commercial reality of farm animal slaughter, and ethical-philosophical issues related to meat consumption and animal husbandry. However, the main focus is on hands-on animal welfare assessment, animal handling and lairage, and various stunning methods for different farm animal species.