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New seminar series on gender in forest research education

Published: 06 May 2020

During ten following weeks this autumn, the research school BECFOR will offer a seminar series of gender perspectives on various research and professional challenges such as the bioeconomy, forest ownership, recruitment and effective meetings.

Based on the research education and future working life, a new theme will, each week, be introduced and discussed. This will provide a great opportunity to learn more about different topics and develop your knowledge together with other colleagues and establish researchers within the fields. The seminar series will kick-off at the end of September and be aimed at, and open for, all the PhD-students and supervisors of the Faculty of Forest Sciences at SLU. Participation is possible from all the three main campuses; Umeå, Ultuna and Alnarp.

The seminars will be held in English and the complete sceduale and the other seminar themes will be presented in a near future.

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Seminar time: Monday 14:00-15:00

The seminar series starts the 28th of September.
First out is a seminar on the basic gender research concepts and who they can be applied in a forest research context.


 Elias Andersson

Department of Forest resource management
Landscape studies
Phone: +46 90 786 83 58