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Bachelor theses examines the feminisation of the veterinary profession

Published: 31 May 2019

The veterinary students Julia Wlosinska and Vendela Gullberg have in their bachelor theses examined the feminisation of the veterinary profession, i.e. the process when the profession has gone from being completely male-dominated to today's situation with a majority of women.

By compiling existing research both from a Sweden and internationally, they have examined explanatory models and consequences on e.g. wages and working hours.


- The veterinary profession went from male-dominated to female-dominated exceptionally fast

- The trend of a numerical feminization is a global phenomenon

- Explanatory models vary depending on context

- There is very little research done in this area

What can it be used for?

- By understanding the consequences of women's dominance, one could speculate on what might happen in other sectors where women are increasing.


Maja Malmberg,
Researcher and vice dean, responsible for gender equality and equal opportunities
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