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How to succeed with your application

Published: 23 April 2018

This is just a short reminder on where you can find helpful advice when writing an application for Formas National research programme for food (deadline April 26 at 2:00 pm).

Have a look at the documentation from the SLU Future Food Intellect event ”How to succeed with a research application”, when Senior Research Officer Erika Ax from Formas shared some advice. This, like other Food Intellect Events, are published on SLU Future Foods web on the webpage Food Intellect Events, located under the menu Activities.

Erika Ax talked about the National research program on food, Formas’s open call in brief, how applications are assessed, why Formas want applications for synthesis analysis projects and how they are assessed. She also told us how Formas work to encourage interdisciplinary proposals and why they are important. She shared her advice on what not to miss when writing an application.

Fredrik Fernqvist from SLU told about the knowledge synthesis - how a review and synthesis can be systematic.

SLU Future Food Intellect Events are open for all SLU researchers who want to work for a sustainable food system - we refer to you as "our intellect".