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The Collaborator of the Year Award to Jens Sundström

Published: 28 November 2016

Jens Sundström from the Department of Plant Biology has been awarded 'Collaborator of the Year 2016' at the Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences (NJ).

The prize was awarded at the Faculty Day 2016 by Hanna Bergeå, Vice Dean responsible for External Collaboration:

"Jens Sundström is an engaged ambassador for plant biology and plant breeding towards EU parliamentarians, Swedish politicians and civil servants.

In collaboration with representatives for authorities and industry Jens and colleagues have formulated a national research agenda for plant biotechnology in a biobased economy. This is considered to be of great use for the surrounding society and to enable promising possibilities for future research at the NJ faculty. In this way, the outcome of the collaboration is tangible both outside and within SLU.

Jens has been working for several years in an admirable way, to spread knowledge about agriculture, plant breeding and breeding in Animal husbandry to high school students, for example by involving SLU students.

Last but not least Jens' research and newspaper articles have obtained great coverage and impact in both national and international media, which renders publicity for SLU and serves as inspiration for colleagues at the faculty.

The board awards Jens Sundström the 2016 prize 'Collaborator of the year" at the NJ faculty."

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