Frequently asked questions on Nor

Last changed: 10 April 2024

When do you receive the Award for Zeal and Integrity in the Kingdom’s Service (Nor)?

If you have been a government employee for 30 years, you are eligible for the distinction For Zealous and Devoted Service of the Realm (Nor). This also applies to staff who, at the time of retirement, have been government employees for 25 years or who have been made redundant after 25 years of government employment. 

When is Nor awarded?

Nor is awarded annually by the vice-chancellor and all awardees receive a commemorative gifts at a ceremony. 

Which gifts can you choose from?

You may choose one of the following:

  • Gold medal
  • Gold bracelets, ladies
  • Gold bracelets, sir
  • Crystal bowl/Gunnar Cyrén
  • Art sculpture/Ernst Billgren
  • Art sculpture/Bertil Vallien

Those entitled to receive NOR are contacted in September/October. You then choose the gift you would like to receive, as well as whether you wish to attend the ceremony or if you prefer to receive your gift at another time.

Why am I not being awarded NOR this year?

If you think you are entitled to NOR and your name is not on the list of candidates to be approved by the vice-chancellor, please contact the Payroll Unit (Division of HR). You may have been on leave of absence and therefore do not fulfil the 30 year requirement. It could also be that some information about your (previous) employment is missing.