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Miguel Ángel Corrales Gutiérrez

Miguel Ángel Corrales Gutiérrez


I was born and I have grown in Málaga, Adalusia. As this region has one of the  best climates for crop production and an important agricultural sector, I have been surrounded of greenhouses and crop fields since my childhood.

Growing among agricultors, my innate curiosity and my passion for nature boost me to study a degree in Biology. During my university studies I was specially interested in the applications of biotechnology to crop improvements and, for this reason, I started a master and, subsequently, a PhD in Advanced Biotechnology.

In fact, my thesis was focused in the study of the interactions between abiotic and biotic stress in the Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus (TYLCV) - Solanaceae pathosystem. During my PhD I have the opportunity to travel in an internship to China, with the aim of continue studying these interactions and, finally, publishing the results in Journal of Plant Biotechnology.

I have also developed different tools (has transgenic plants or constructs for transient expression assays) to monitoring viral replication in TYLCV-Solanaceae pathosystem.

Following my curiosity I have started an online master in Bioinformatics and Biostatistics to complete my educational background. In the same way, I achieved the opportunity of work in SLU to continue studying host-pathogen interactions.

Currently, I am working as Postdoctoral Research Scientist in the laboratory of Salim Bourras (the B Lab). My primary focus of interest is the host-pathogen interactions between wheat and different fungal pathogens. These studies are important in our understanding of microbe-microbe host-microbe interactions but also has the potential to impact positively in agricultural improvements.


#MSc in bioinformatics and biostatistics [2023]. Open University of Catalonia (UOC) & University of Barcelona (UB). Spain.

#PhD in Advanced Biotechnology [2022]. University of Málaga (UMA). Spain.

#MSc in Advanced Biotechnology [2015]. University of Málaga (UMA) and International University of Andalusia. Spain.

#BSc in Biology [2014]. University of Málaga (UMA). Spain

#Pedagogical training

- MSc in Secondary Education [2021]. Specialization in Biology & Geology. University of Málaga (UMA). Spain

- Teaching in Higher Education, basic course. [2023]. SLU. Sweden

- Education for sustainable development; course leaders. [2023]. SLU. Sweden 

# Courses and certifications:

- Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) & teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). 2022.

- ISE III certification (C1). Trinity College London. 2021

- Planification and Interpretation of Scientific work. University of Málaga. 2021

- Network Analysis in Systems Biology. Coursera. 2015

- Philosophy and Sciences. Coursera. 2015

- Experimental Methods in Systems Biology. Coursera. 2014

- Programming for everybody (Python). Coursera. 2014

- Fundamentals of Immunology. EDX. 2014

- KlexploRx: Explore Statistics with R. EDX. 2014

- Programmed cell death. Coursera. 2014

- Introduction to Systems Biology. Coursera. 2014

Selected publications



Corrales-Gutiérrez, M. et al. (2020). The C4 protein from the
geminivirus Tomato yellow leaf curl virus confers drought tolerance to
Arabidopsis through an ABA-independent mechanism. Plant
Biotechnol. J. doi:10.1111/pbi.13280



An experimental approach to study multi-species diseases interactions in wheat using machine learning-aided image analysis. Corrales Gutiérrez, MA, Bourras, S. Networking symposium on plant protection and forest damage


miniMORPH 1.0: portable hardware for machine learning-aided precision phenomics. Corrales Gutiérrez, MA, Prendes Rodríguez, EJ, Bourras, S. Swedish National Plant Protection

Phenomic analysis of Triticum diccocum seeds: a statistical study. Corrales Gutiérrez, MA, Desiderio, F, Maccaferri, M, Bourras, S.   Plant Breeding – The key to food security and improved foods


Importance of the temperature in the interaction plant-geminivirus.  MÁ Corrales Gutierrez, E R Bejarano, A G Castillo. Spanish National Virology Congress.


A transreplication-based system to monitor geminivirus replication in tomato plants. MÁ Corrales Gutiérrez, A Castillo Garriga, E Rodríguez Bejarano. COST ACTION.


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Postdoctor at the Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology; Division of Plant Pathology/Epidemiology
Postal address:
Skoglig mykologi och växtpatologi , Box 7026
750 07 UPPSALA
Visiting address: Almas Allé 5, Uppsala