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Marina Queiroz

Marina Queiroz
Landscape architect and lecturer at the Department of Urban and Rural Development, SLU Ultuna


I work as a teacher at the landscape architecture program, and with equal opportunities.

I am the equal opportunities representative at the Department of Urban and Rural Development. As equal opportunities representative, my role is to be a contact for the employee who wishes to discuss equal opportunities issues, or has been subjected to any kind of offensive or discriminatory act that they wish to talk about or report, without involving their boss.
I am also chairman of the NJ Faculty's Equal Opportunities Committee, which mainly deals with mapping and education conserning equal opportunities and diversity issues. The committee organizes inspirational lectures and seminars, and communicates information about conferences, educations or changes in legislation relating to equal opportunities. If you have ideas or suggestions for activities that the committee should arrange or know about, please contact me!

From 1 of April 2019 I am the Vice Dean for Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities at the NJ faculty.


As a teacher at the landscape architecture program, I plan and teach in courses mainly in year 1 (urban planning, space analysis, design, model building, drawing technique and general skills). I also tutor in studio courses and the bachelor's thesis course in year 3, and studio courses at advanced level.


In coopreation with Åsa Bensch, SLU Alnarp, I have initiated the project Talking About Teaching. During 2017-18, workshops were conducted where teachers from Alnarp and Ultuna met to exchange experiences. From the project a new forum has been created: SLU LANDSCAPE Teaching Synergy Forum. The purpose is to discuss teaching, exchange ideas, share work materials and explore collaboration opportunities.

The teachers' teams from Alnarp and Ultuna meet each year during SLU LANDSCAPE Days, and as of 2018, Talking About Teaching workshops will be conducted annually.

SLU LANDSCAPE Teaching Synergy Forum

Åsa Bensch is a landscape engineer and lecturer at the Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management (LAPF), SLU Alnarp


I am interested in sustainability issues, and have worked specifically with issues concerning city and food. My degree project is about urban and peri-urban agriculture, and I have been involved in creating the community garden the Gottsunda Food Park.

Selected publications

Queiroz, Marina. 2009. Urban agriculture / Agricultural urbanity: about urban cultivation, urban and peri-urban agriculture, for a less climate- and energy-intensive food production. Degree project for the landscape architectural program. Independent work in landscape planning E, 30 credits. Department of Urban and Rural Development, SLU


The Food Park Matparken i Gottsunda


Lecturer at the Department of Urban and Rural Development; SoL, Landskapsarkitektur Designteori
Telephone: +4618672511, +46701760949