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Lena Bergström

Lena Bergström
Lena Bergström is marine ecologist with interest in coastal fish and marine food webs, human impacts, status indicators, tools and assessments to support the ecosystem-based approach.


Lena Bergström is Associate professor (Docent) at SLU Aqua, Institute of coastal research, where she is head of the Ecosystem Analysis unit. 

International expert groups

Chair of HELCOM Expert Group on Foodwebs (EG FOODWEB)

Swedish national member of ICES Science Committee (SCICOM)

Member and ToR lead of ICES Working Group on Offshore Renewable Energy (WGORE)

Member and former chair of ICES Working Group on Integrated Assessment of the Baltic Sea (WGIAB)

Member of HELCOM Expert group of coastal fish


WIND4COCO: Wind farms in marine ecosystems - towards a sustainable expansion in coexistence with conservation and fisheries. Swedish Environmental Agency and Vattenfall, 2024-2027 

MPA4 Sustainability: Enhancing the role of MPAs in restoring biodiversity while maintaining access to ecosystem services. Led by DTU Aqua - Biodiversea 2022-2025

Implementation of Ecosystem-Based Marine Management in pilot areas - Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management 2019- 2024  

Integrated ecosystem analyses - Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management 2019-  

Vindval: Effekter av havsbaserad vindkraft på marint liv - Naturvårdsverket och Energimyndigheten 2020-2021

ECOCOA (Environmental compensation in coastal areas) - Swedish environmental Protection Agency 2018-2021 

Pan Baltic Scope - Cofunded by the European maritime and fisheries fund for the European Union 2018-2019, WP-lead

HELCOM HOLAS II (Second holistic assessment of the ecosystem health of the Baltic Sea) - Baltic Sea Environment Protection Commission 2015-2018, Project coordinator


2011-ongoing: SLU Aqua,  Institute of Coastal research, researcher.  

2006-2011: Swedish Board of Fisheries, researcher and head of unit

2005-2006: Stockholm University, Department of Botany. Postdoctoral researcher

2005: PhD Umeå University, Sweden 

Selected publications

A full list is available at my SLU library profile 

  • Ruskule, A., J. Kotta, C. R. Saha, P. Arndt, D. Ustups, S. Strāķe, L. Bergström (2022) Testing the concept of green infrastructure at the Baltic Sea scale to support an ecosystem-based approach to management of marine areas. Marine Policy 147.

  • Naddafi, R., Ö. Östman, L. Bergström, N. Mustamäki, M. Appelberg, J. Olsson (2022) Improving assessments of coastal ecosystems – Adjusting coastal fish indicators to variation in ambient environmental factors. Ecological Indicators (145):109604.

  • Kraufvelin, P., L. Bergström, F. Sundqvist, M. Ulmestrand, H. Wennhage, A. Wikström, U. Bergström (2022) Rapid re-establishment of top-down control at a no-take artificial reef. Ambio. DOI 10.1007/s13280-022-01799-9

  • Koehler, B., Erlandsson, M., Karlsson, M., Bergstrom, L. (2022) Species richness and functional attributes of fish assemblages across a large-scale salinity gradient in shallow coastal areas. Biogeosciences, 19, 2295–2312.

  • Bryhn, A.C., A Grände, M Setzer, K-M Johansson, L Bergström (2021) Ecosystem-based fisheries management is attainable, affordable, and should be viewed as a long-term commitment: Experiences from Lake Vättern, Sweden, Journal of Great Lakes Research

  • Cole, S., P-O Moksnes, T Söderqvist, SA Wikström, G Sundblad, L Hasselström, U Bergström, P Kraufvelin, L. Bergström. (2021) Environmental compensation for biodiversity and ecosystem services: a flexible framework that addresses human wellbeing. Ecosystem Services

  • Depellegrin, D., H.S. Hansen, L. Schrøde, L. Bergström, G. Romagnoni, J. Steenbeek, M. Gonçalves, G. Carneiro, L. Hammar, J. Pålsson, J. Schmidtbauer Crona, D. Hume, J. Kotta, M. Fetissov, A. Miloš, J. Kaitaranta, S. Menegon (2021) Current status, advancements and development needs of geospatial decision support tools for marine spatial planning in European Seas. Ocean and Coastal management.

  • Korpinen, S., Laamanen, L., Bergström, L. et al. (2021) Combined effects of human pressures on Europe’s marine ecosystems. Ambio.

Recent reports

  • Roux, M. J., Pedreschi, D. (eds.). (2024) ICES Framework for Ecosystem-Informed Science and Advice (FEISA). ICES Cooperative Research Reports Vol. 359. 39 pp.

  • HELCOM (2023) State of the Baltic Sea. Third HELCOM holistic assessment 2016-2021. Baltic Sea Environment Proceedings n°194

  • Bartolino, V., Koehler, B., Bergström, L. (2023). Climate effects on fish in Sweden – Species Climate Information Sheets for 32 taxa in marine and coastal waters. Aqua notes 2023:17

  • Bartolino, V., Bergström, L., Erlandsson, M., Koehler, B. (2023) Potential future climate change effects on Swedish fish and fisheries. Aqua reports 2023:9

  • Bergström, L., M. C Öhman, C. Berkström, M. Isæus, L. Kautsky, B. Koehler, A. Nyström Sandman, H. Ohlsson, R. Ottvall, and H. Schack (2022) Effekter av havsbaserad vindkraft på marint liv: En syntesrapport om kunskapsläget 2021. Naturvårdsverket Rapport 7049

  • Bergström, L, P Borgström & HG Smith (Eds) (2020) Klimatförändringar och biologisk mångfald – Slutsatser från IPCC och IPBES i ett svenskt perspektiv. (Climate change and biodiversity – conclusions from the IPCC and IPBES in a Swedish perspective - in Swedish) SMHI och Naturvårdsverket. Klimatologi Nr 56



Researcher at the Department of Aquatic Resources; Institute of Coastal Research, joint staff
Telephone: +46104784116
Postal address:
Institutionen för akvatiska resurser (SLU Aqua)
Box 7018
75007 Uppsala
Visiting address: Almas Allé 5, Uppsala