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Kerstin Holmgren

Kerstin Holmgren
I am an associate professor (docent) in biology with specialisation in limnology, employed as a researcher at the Department of aquatic resources, located at the Institute of freshwater research in Drottningholm.


After PhD studies on sex differentiation and growth patterns of the European eel, I did my post doc in a project on “Size-based tools for managing freshwater fish communities” during 1997-2001. Since 2001, I have been responsible for standard fish sampling in lakes, and to a lesser extent in streams, within national environmental monitoring programs.  

My research interest is on how lake fish communities and populations depend on and interact with their abiotic and biotic environment. I use field monitoring data to answer basic and applied questions about fish responses to natural and anthropogenic stressors and management actions, e.g. acidification and liming. Applications include to develop, inter-calibrate, and refine, fish-based methods for assessment of ecological status according to the European Water Framework Directive.

I often work on behalf of the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, at the national level as well as in collaboration with researchers from other countries.


I am one among many teachers at the SLU Masters course "Ecology for Fish Management and Conservation, 15 credits", and I am an examiner of independent projects at Master's level.

Selected publications

Gren, I.-M., K. Holmgren & W. Goedkoop. 2023. Fishing motives and economic effects of climate change - An application on Arctic char in northern Sweden. Journal of Bioeconomics 25: 202-223,

Holmgren, K. & E. Petersson. 2023. Are perch (Perca fluviatilis L.) getting larger or smaller in Swedish lakes? Ecology of Freshwater Fish 32: 735-749, DOI: 10.1111/EFF.12719.

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Van Dorst, R.M., C. Argillier, S. Brucet, K. Holmgren, P. Volta, I. Winfield & T. Mehner. 2022. Can size distributions of European lake fish communities be predicted by trophic positions of their fish species? Ecology and Evolution 12: e9087,

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Researcher at the Department of Aquatic Resources; Enheten för miljöanalys
Telephone: +46104784229
Postal address:
Stångholmsvägen 2
17893 Drottningholm
Visiting address: Stångholmsvägen 2, Drottningholm

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