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Katja Nilsson

Katja Nilsson
I work with research and education in the area of applied animal breeding and genetics.


My research is focused on the genetic background to behaviour and health traits in several species, for example dogs and pigs.


I am course leader, examiner and teach in several courses at the department, mainly on bachelor level. For example I have worked with our basic courses in animal breeding and genetics, and our previous master course in genetics of dogs and cats. Since last year I am working with the new bachelor program at SLU about sports- and companion animals. I also supervise student projects at bachelor and master level.


I am currently starting up a project on leg soundness in sows, and I am also working on a project about breeding for temperament in Swedish Collies.


I cooperate with for example the Swedish Kennel Club, and I often give seminars and lectures for different dog breed clubs about basic breeding and genetics, and breeding for temperament and health.


I completed my MSc in Animal Sciene at SLU in 1997, and then worked as a high school teacher at an agricultural high school for a year. In 2003 I defended my thesis with the title “Genetic analysis of maternal behaviour in sows” and received my PhD in Animal Breeding and Genetics. Since then I am working as a researcher and teacher at the Dept. of Animal Breeding and Genetics, SLU. I was director of studies for undergraduate education at the department 2011-2017.

Selected publications

Arvelius, P., Asp, HE., Fikse, WF., Strandberg, E., Nilsson, K. 2014. Genetic analysis of a temperament test as a tool to select against everyday life fearfulness in Rough Collie,Journal of animal science,92,11,4843-4855

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Le, H.T., Madsen, P., Lundeheim, N., Nilsson, K. & Norberg, E. 2016. Genetic association between leg conformation in young pigs and sow longevity. Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics, 133: 283-290.

 Le, H.T., Norberg, E., Nielsen, B., Madsen, P., Nilsson, K. & Lundeheim, N. 2016. Genetic correlation between leg conformation in young pigs, sow reproduction and longevity in Danish pig populations. Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section A, 65, 132-138.

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