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Julia Aldberg

Julia Aldberg


Julia works as a researcher with a background in business administration and focus on sustainable development. She is particularly interested in the production and consumption of food from a sustainability perspective. 

More specifically, she is interested in sustainable diets in terms of e.g. labelling but also innovations, such as hemp-based foods. For example, she is currently exploring on the role of hemp-based foods within a circular bio-economy. 


Julia contributes to the teaching and supervision of students and has a great interest in developing pedagogical teaching materials.

Selected publications

Airike, P.-E., Rotter, J. & Mark-Herbert, C. (2016). Corporate Social Responsibility in the Electronics Supply Chain - Motivations and Challenges of Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration. Journal of Cleaner Production, 131, 639-648.   

Rotter, J.P., Airike, P.-E. & Mark-Herbert C. (2014). Exploring Political Corporate Social Responsibility in Global Supply Chains. Journal of Business Ethics 125(4), 581-599.

Rotter, J.P., Özbek, N. & Mark-Herbert, C. (2012). Exploring Corporate Social Responsibility in Food Retail Category Management. Social Business 2(3), 223-241. 

Rotter, J.P., Özbek, N. & Mark-Herbert, C. (2012). Private-public Partnerships: Corporate Responsibility Strategy in Food Retail. International Journal of Business Excellence 5(1/2), 5-20.

Rotter, J.P. & Mark-Herbert, C. (2019). Vegoganic: The Dilemma of Arsenic in Rice Products. Emerald Emerging Markets Case Study 9(2).

Rotter, J.P. & Mark-Herbert, C. (2013). Corporate Social Responsibility in Swedish Food Retail: The Case of Tiger Shrimp. International Food and Agribusiness Review 16(3), 167-176. 


Researcher at the Department of Forest Economics
Telephone: 018-671751
Postal address:
Institutionen för Skogsekonomi
Box 7060
750 07 Uppsala
Visiting address: Ulls väg 27, Uppsala