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Johanna Lundström

Johanna Lundström


My research interests include conservation planning within a managed forest landscape and how to make effective conservation decisions.


Selected publications

Lundström, J., Öhman, K., Laudon, L. 2018. Comparing buffer zone alternatives in forest planning using a decision support system. Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research DOI: 10.1080/02827581.2018.1441900

Tiwari, T., Lundström, J. Kuglerová, L., Laudon, H., Öhman, K., & Ågren, A. M. 2016. Cost of Riparian Buffer Zones: A Comparison of Hydrologically Adapted Site-Specific Riparian Buffers with Traditional Fixed Widths. Water Resources Research 52(2), 1056–1069.

Lundström, J., Öhman, K., Rönnqvist, M. & Gustafsson, L. 2016. Considering Future Potential Regarding Structural Diversity in Selection of Forest Reserves. PLoS ONE 11(2), e0148960.

Lundström, J., Öhman, K., Rönnqvist, M. & Gustafsson, L. 2014. How reserve selection is affected by preferences in Swedish boreal forests. Forest Policy and Economics 41, 40-50.

Lundström, J., Jonsson, F., Perhans, K. & Gustafsson, L. 2013. Lichen species richness increases with time since clear-felling on retained aspens. Forest Ecology and Management 293(1), 49-56.

Lundström, J., Öhman, K., Perhans, K., Rönnqvist, M. & Gustafsson, L. 2011. Cost-effective age structure and geographical distribution of boreal forest reserves. Journal of Applied Ecology 48(1), 133-142.