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The Heureka system consists of a series of software used on different issues regarding forestry analysis, planning and ecosystem services. The software's can be applied on single stands as well as entire landscapes. The Heureka system is developed and administered by the research program Forest Sustainability Analysis at the Department for Forest Resource Management.

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Andis Zvirgzdins

Since 2020, I am working as a PhD student in silviculture.  The focus of my PhD studies is on establishment and management of planted and genetically improved birch in Sweden. Why this topic? Due to

Maximilian Schulte

As a geographer and bioeconomist by profession, I am interested in the environmental impacts of using bio-based products instead of fossil or mineral alternatives. In this context my interest lies

Patrik Ulvdal

patrik.ulvdal@slu.se Doctoral student (PhD student) doing research on uncertainties in forest information. The reson for me being a researcher is that I want to develop new solutions and knowledge

Carl Vigren

Doctoral student at the Dept. for Forest Ecology and Management Course instructor in the course: Fish and Wildlife Census Techniques. (2018,2019,2020,2021) PBL-module leader in the course: Forest