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Jonathan Stoltz

Jonathan Stoltz
Researcher at the Department of People and Society. Teaches and researches on environmental psychology, with a focus on how landscape planning and design can support people's health and wellbeing through psychologically mediated pathways.


Jonathan holds a master’s degree in cognitive science from Linköping University and a PhD in physical geography from Stockholm University. He has been involved in various inter- and multidisciplinary research projects at SLU since 2011 and researches and teaches about environmental perception in relation to human health and wellbeing, with a focus on evidence-based planning and design tools (Stoltz 2019; Stoltz & Grahn 2021a, b). He has worked with different kinds of landscape analyses and, e.g., epidemiological data, linking environmental perceptions to various health and wellbeing outcomes. He has analysed perceived qualities in semi-urban landscapes (Stoltz et al. 2013; Stoltz et al. 2023) and forest environments (Stoltz et al. 2016), as well as investigated synergies with other sustainability aspects, such as, e.g., biodiversity and food production, in urban contexts (Stoltz & Schaffer 2018). Recently, a focus has been on developing indicators for health and wellbeing promoting qualities in forest environments, to be included alongside, e.g., biodiversity and wood production indicators in modelling scenarios. In addition, he has investigated evolutionary perspectives on landscape perception in relation to recreational needs (Stoltz, 2022).

Selected publications

Stoltz J., Lehto C., Hedblom M. 2023. Favourite places for outdoor recreation: Weak correlations between perceived qualities and structural landscape characteristics in Swedish PPGIS study. People & Nature 5(6). DOI:10.1002/pan3.10574

Grahn, P.; Stoltz, J.; Skärbäck, E.; Bengtsson, A. 2023. Health-Promoting Nature-Based Paradigms in Urban Planning. Encyclopedia 2023, 3(4), 1419-1438; 

Stoltz, J. 2022. Layered Habitats: An Evolutionary Model for Present-day Recreational Needs. Front. Psychol.

Grahn, P., Stoltz, J., Bengtsson, A. 2022. The Alnarp Method : an interdisciplinary-based design of holistic healing gardens derived from research and development in Alnarp Rehabilitation Garden. Routledge Handbook of Urban Landscape Research, Routledge. DOI: 10.4324/9781003109563-25 (Book chapter)

Grahn, P., Stoltz, J., Bengtsson, A. 2022. Multimodal rehabilitering utomhus - Alnarpsmetoden och teorin om stödjande miljöer. Studentlitteratur. ISBN: 9789144142364 (Book chapter, in Swedish)

Stoltz, J., Grahn, P. 2021a. Perceived Sensory Dimensions: An Evidence-based Approach to Greenspace Aesthetics. January 2021. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 59(4):126989.

Stoltz, J. & Grahn, P. 2021b. Perceived sensory dimensions: Key aesthetic qualities for health-promoting urban green spaces. Journal of Biomed Research. 2021;2(1):22-29.  

Stoltz, J. 2019. Perceived Sensory Dimensions: A Human-Centred Approach to Environmental Planning and Design. Dissertations in Physical Geography, Stockholm University, ISBN: 978-91-7797-901-2.

Stoltz, J., Schaffer, C. 2018. Salutogenic Affordances and Sustainability: Multiple Benefits with Edible Forest Gardens in Urban Green Spaces. Frontiers in Psychology 9:2344.

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Stoltz, J., Lundell, Y., Skärbäck, E., van den Bosch, M.A., Grahn, P., Nordström, E.M., Dolling, A. 2016. Planning for restorative forests: Describing stress-reducing qualities of forest stands using available forest stand data. European Journal of Forest Research 2016, 135, 803-813.

Stoltz, J., Björk, J., Grahn, P., Mattisson, K. & Skärbäck, E. 2013. Klassificering av utemiljöer i Kristianstad för hälsa och välbefinnande. Rapport 2013:9, SLU, LTJ-fakulteten, Alnarp

Stoltz J., Grahn P., Brundell-Freij K., Björk J., Skärbäck E. 2012. Malmöbors upplevelse av fem utemiljökaraktärer. Rapport 2012:10. SLU, LTJ-fakulteten, Alnarp, ISBN 978-91-87117-09-1.


Researcher at the Department of People and Society
Telephone: +4640415497
Postal address:
Box 190
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Visiting address: Slottsvägen 5, Alnarp