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Jesper Rydén

Jesper Rydén
I am a senior lecturer in BIOMETRY ["The branch of science in which the biologist and the mathematical statistician join forces in the investigation of the phenomena associated with living organisms." G.W. Snedecor (1954)]


Main duties: research in biometry (i.e. the application of mathematics and statistics to problems in the agricultural, environmental, and biological sciences); statistical consulting; teaching at various levels.

Head of unit,  unit of Applied statistics and mathematics.

Director of studies, courses in mathematics and statistics given by the unit.


The academic year 2023-2024:

ST0059, Basic mathematics and statistics for biologists

I have a broad experience of teaching courses in applied statistics, in particular from Uppsala University, e.g. courses in time-series analysis, random processes, regression and analysis of variance, generalised linear models, statistical risk analysis.


Extreme-value analysis with applications in the earth and engineering sciences. Regression models for count data.


2022- : Member of editorial board, Musicae Scientiae.

2019-2021: Secretary in Cramérsällskapet, a division within Swedish Statistical Society.

2018-2019: Collaboration with Pearson Education Ltd as external subject expert.

Projects, ongoing and earlier:

Swedish Radiation Safety Authority: Skattning av extremvärden för naturfenomen för de svenska kärnkraftverken. Principal investigator: Jesper Rydén, SLU. HT2022-HT2023.

Formas: Loss of beef during primary production in Sweden: quantities, causes, food potential and carbon footprint and economically assessed measures. Principal investigator: Dr. Ingrid Strid, SLU (J. Rydén 1.25%). 2021-12-01 - 2025-11-30.

Formas: Investigation of ventilation and indoor-environment related parameters in modern detached houses. Principal investigator: Dr. Hans Bagge, LTH (J. Rydén 3%). 2016-07-01 - 2020-03-31.​

SweGRIDS: Novel application of computational intense statistical methods for improved asset management. Principal investigator: Dr. Patrik Hilber, KTH (J. Rydén 0%). 2018-03-01 - 2020-03-01​.


Docent in Mathematical Statistics (2010), Uppsala University. 

PhD in Mathematical Statistics (2002), Lund Institute of Technology.

MSc in Engineering Physics (1996), Lund Institute of Technology.

LTCL in Organ Playing (2023), Trinity College, London. 


Assistant supervisor for PhD student Homayoon Davam.

Assistant supervisor for PhD student Harimurti Buntaran (licentiate thesis  September 2019)

Selected publications


Rydén, J. (2024). Estimation of return levels with long return periods for extreme sea levels in a time-varying framework. Environment Systems and Decisions. (Accepted)

Rydén, J. (2024). Estimation of return levels with long return periods for extreme sea levels by the Average Conditional Exceedance Rate method. GeoHazards 2024 5(1), pp. 165-175.

Rydén, J. (2024). Tales of the Wakeby tail and alternatives when modelling extreme floods. REVSTAT - Statistical Journal 22, pp. 45-60.

Rydén, J. (2023). A tale of two stations: A note on rejecting the Gumbel distribution. Acta Geophysica 71, pp. 385-390.

Larsson, R., Rydén, J. (2023). Applications of discrete factor analysis. Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation 52, pp. 4592-4602. 

Rydén, J. (2022). Statistical analysis of possible trends for extreme floods in northern Sweden. River Research and Applications 38, pp. 1041-1050

Dzieciolowski, T., Boqvist, S. Rydén, J., Hansson, I. (2022). Cleaning and disinfection of transport crates for poultry – comparison of four treatments at slaughter plant. Poultry Science 101, 101521.

Wrang, L., Katsidoniotaki, E., Nilsson, E., Rutgersson, A., Rydén, J., Göteman, M. (2021). Comparative analysis of environmental contour approaches to estimating extreme waves for offshore installations for the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 2021, 9, 96.

Buntaran, H., Piepho H.-P., Schmidt, P., Rydén, J., Halling, M., Forkman, J. (2020). Cross-validation of stage-wise mixed-model analysis of Swedish variety trials with winter wheat and spring barley. Crop Science 60, pp. 2221-2240.

Rydén, J. (2020). On features of fugue subjects. A comparison of J.S. Bach and later composers. Journal of Mathematics and Music 14, pp. 1-20.

Rydén, J. (2019). A note on analysis of extreme minimum temperatures with the GAMLSS framework. Acta Geophysica 67, pp. 1599-1604. 


Rydén, J. (2024). Uncertainties in estimation of a possible upper limit for environmental extremes. Proceedings of the 34th International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference (accepted). 

Rydén, J., Freyland, S. (2023).  Estimation of return levels of sea level along the Swedish coast by the method of r largest annual maxima. Proceedings of the 33th International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference, Ottawa, pp. 2762-2766.

Eriksson, W., Brodersson, A.L., Rydén, J., Persson, J., He, Y. (2021). Study of manoeuvre time of distributed MV disconnectors. The 26th International Conference and Exhibition on Electricity Distribution, pp. 6 – 10.


Bagge, H., Johansson D., Jönsson D., Rydén, J., Fransson, V. (2022). Ventilation och innemiljö i moderna småhus - mätningar och analys. Rapport TVIT—7130. Avdelningen för Byggnadsfysik & Avdelningen för installationsteknik, Institutionen för bygg- och miljöteknologi, Lunds tekniska högskola, Lunds universitet.

Bagge, H., Fransson, V., Hiller, C., Johansson, D., Rydén, J. (2018). Brukarnas påverkan på energianvändning och effektbehov i NNE-byggnader. E2B2 Rapport 2018:12. (98 pp)


Rydén. J. (2022). Barlows tabeller - en storslagen samling siffror. Qvintensen nr 2, 2022, 8-10.

Rydén, J., Sundberg, R. (2021). En gigant inom sannolikhetsteorin på svensk mark: Willy Feller vid Stockholms högskola, 1934-1939. Qvintensen nr 2 2021, 4-8.


Rydén, J. (2015). Stokastik för ingenjörer. (2nd ed). Studentlitteratur.

Rychlik, I., Rydén, J. (2006). Probability and Risk Analysis. An Introduction for Engineers. Springer-Verlag.


Senior Lecturer at the Department of Energy and Technology; Applied Statistics and Mathematics
Telephone: +4618673557
Postal address:
Inst för Energi och Teknik
Box 7032
75007 Uppsala
Visiting address: Lennart Hjelms väg 9, Uppsala