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Faranak Tootoonchi

Faranak Tootoonchi
My work focuses on application of various statistical methods with different levels of complexity to understand climate change impacts on hydroclimatic processes and to forecast runoff behavior and agricultural crop yields in changing climates.


Crop modeling
Response of crops to climatic variabilities
Linear mixed effect models

Hydrological modeling 
Semi-distributed models (HBV)
Black-box models (ANN-based models)
Assessment of changes in Runoff indicators

Downscaling and bias adjustment methods:
Handling large datasets, gridded data (e.g., NETCDF format)
Assessment of different climate models’ properties (CMIP5- GCM, CORDEX-RCM)
Uni/Multivariate methods (QDM, Copula-based methods)
Assessment of nonstationary behavior
Projection of future climate features under climate change scenarios




Selected publications

  • Tootoonchi, F., Todorovic, A., Grabs, T., Teutschbein, C., 2023.  Uni- and multivariate bias adjustment of climate model simulations in Nordic catchments: Effects on hydrologic signatures in a changing climate. Journal of Hydrology.
  • Teutschbein, C., Blicharska, M., Albrecht, F., Tootoonchi, F., Stenfors, E., Grabs, T., 2023. Drought hazards and stakeholder perception: Unraveling the interlinkages between drought severity, perceived impacts, preparedness and management to foster a culture of proactive drought management. Ambio.
  • Teutschbein, C., Jonsson, E., Todorovic, A., Tootoonchi, F., Stenfors, E., Grabs, T. 2022. Drought Trends and Patterns in a Future Climate: Consequences for the Swedish Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystem Nexus. Journal of Hydrology, special issue: Women in Hydrology.
  • Tootoonchi, F., Haerter, J. O., Todorović, A., Räty, O., Grabs, T., & Teutschbein, C. (2022). Uni-and multivariate bias adjustment methods in Nordic catchments: Complexity and performance in a changing climate. Science of The Total Environment, 158615.
  • Tootoonchi, F., Sadegh, M., Haerter, J.O., Räty, O., Grabs, T., Teutschbein, C., 2022. Copulas for hydroclimatic analysis: A practice-oriented overview. WIREs Water 9, e1579.
  • Di Baldassarre, G., Cloke, H., Lindersson, S., Mazzoleni, M., Mondino, E., Mård, J., ... & Tootoonchi, F. (2021). “Integrating Multiple Research Methods to Unravel the Complexity of Human‐Water Systems.” AGU Advances, 2(3).


Postdoctor at the Department of Crop Production Ecology; Plant Ecology
Telephone: +46737160789
Postal address:
Inst för växtproduktionsekologi, Box 7043
750 07 UPPSALA
Visiting address: Ulls väg 16, Uppsala