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Elodie Chapurlat

Elodie Chapurlat
Elodie Chapurlat's research focuses on plant-animal interactions, currently applied to the optimization of flower strips. Her other interests includes conservation and restoration biology as well as pollinator monitoring.


In my post-doctoral project, I focus on optimizing and evaluating flower strips to enhance delivery of ecosystem services to agricultural systems in Sweden. I evaluate multiple services (soil decomposition, biological control of pests and pollination) as well as possible detrimental effects (attraction of pests) of flowers strips, both above- and below-ground.

In previous projects, I worked with the evolutionary ecology of floral traits in the context of both plant-pollinator and plant-herbivore interactions. I have also worked with population demography and management of endangered species (both terrestrial and marine), and with the evaluation of restoration practices.

My main areas of research are:

Population ecology

Plant-animal interactions

Ecosystem services in agriculture

Evolutionary ecology and phenotypic selection on floral traits

Intraspecific diversity of floral scent

Conservation and restoration biology


Flower strip project

Neus Rodriguez-Gasol, post-doc, SLU

Maria Viketoft, researcher and project leader, SLU

Mattias Jonsson, senior lecturer, SLU

Johan Stenberg, professor, SLU

Ola Lundin, post-doc, SLU


Evolutionary ecology and floral scent

Magne Friberg, associate senior lecturer, Lund University

Øystein Opedal, associate senior lecturer, Lund University

Nina Sletvold, professor, Uppsala University


Development and evaluation of monitoring programs

Karin Ahrné, environmental analyst, SLU Artdatabanken

Anders Glimskär, researcher, SLU

Hanna Friberg, researcher, SLU

Astrid Taylor, associate professor, SLU

Björn Andersson, field pathologist, SLU

Velemir Ninkovic, senior lecturer, SLU

Lars Andersson, SLU


Meta-analysis of restoration practices

Jonas Josefsson, post-doctoral researcher, SLU

Lina Widenfalk, researcher and consultant

Tomas Ranius, professor, SLU

Erik Öckinger, senior lecturer, SLU


2018: PhD, Uppsala University, Sweden

2011: MSc, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France

2010: Teaching degree in Biology and Earth Sciences (Agrégation) 

2008: BSc, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France


Master students:

Joseph Anderson: "Geographic patterns of floral scent variation - genes or environment?"

Iris le Roncé: "Environmental drivers of spatial variation in selection on floral traits in fragrant orchids"

Selected publications

E Chapurlat, I Le Roncé, J Ågren, N Sletvold. 2020. Divergent selection on flowering phenology but not on floral morphology between two closely related orchids. Ecology and Evolution 10:5737-5747

E Chapurlat, J Ågren, J Anderson, M Friberg, N Sletvold. 2019. Conflicting selection on floral scent emission in the orchid Gymnadenia conopsea. New Phytologist 222:2009-2022

E Chapurlat, J Anderson, J Ågren, M Friberg, N Sletvold. 2018. Diel pattern of floral scent emission matches the relative importance of diurnal and nocturnal pollinators in populations of Gymnadenia conopsea. Annals of Botany 121:711-721

E Chapurlat, J Ågren, N Sletvold. 2015. Spatial variation in pollinator‐mediated selection on phenology, floral display and spur length in the orchid Gymnadenia conopsea. New Phytologist 208:1264-1275


Non employee at the Department of Ecology; NJ, Ecology and environmental research unit
Postal address:
Inst för Ekologi, Box 7044
750 07 UPPSALA
Visiting address: Ulls väg 16, Uppsala