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Dohun Kim

Dohun Kim


I am a doctoral student at the department of forest economics. I am from South Korea, and I have backgrounds in social sciences (Economics, Political Science) and Forest science. 


I use microeconometrics and psychometrics to study decision-making in the forest sector. Research topics include, among others, the construction of forest values, forest management policy, and forest products. I focus on spatial, temporal and behavioral aspects of such topics. 


M.S., Forest and Nature Conservation (Specialization: Policy and Society), Wageningen University and Research, the Netherlands

B.A., Political Science and International Relations (Minor: Forest environmental science), Seoul National University, South Korea

Selected publications

Kim, D., Franzini, F., Jellesmark Thorsen, B., Berghäll, S., & Aguilar, F. X. (2023). Greener homes: Factors underpinning Europeans’ intention to live in multi-storey wooden buildings. Sustainable Production and Consumption, 39, 373–381.

Kim, D., & Ingram, V. (2023). Reviewing the impacts of international interventions on woodfuel governance in Cameroon. International Forestry Review, 25(1), 39-54.

Kim, D. H., Kim, D. H., Kim, H. S., & Kim, R. (2021). Fragmentation and Coordination of REDD+ Finance under the Paris Agreement Regime. Forests, 12(11), 1452.

Kim, D. H., Kim, D. H., Kim, H. S., Kim, S. I., & Lee, D. H. (2020). Determinants of bilateral REDD+ cooperation recipients in Kyoto Protocol regime and their implications in Paris Agreement regime. Forests, 11(7), 751.

Kim, D. H., Kim, D. H., Lee, D. H., Park, S., & Kim, S. I. (2019). Centralization of the global REDD+ financial network and implications under the new climate regime. Forests, 10(9), 753.


Doctoral Student at the Department of Forest Economics
Postal address:
Inst för skogsekonomi
90183 UMEÅ
Visiting address: Skogsmarksgränd 17, Umeå