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Marie Anne Mukasafari

Anne Mukasafari
PhD student at the Department of Animal Nutrition and Management. Doing research in the Interdisciplinary project "UNDERNUTRITION PROJECT". I will be focusing on "Feeding practices used by smallholder farmers in improving dairy cattle productivity in Rwanda"


Undergraduate courses: Animal Physiology, Animal feeds and feeding, Biochemistry, Animal legislation.


The overall aim of this study is to investigate feeding practices (feeds, feeding, access to water, body condition scores, lactation stage, milk quality and quantity) used by smallholder farmers to improve livestock production. The study will focus on management routines, milking practices (including hygiene), and feeding management practices, feed availability year-round, feed quality, supplementary feeding used in smallholder farms. In addition, milk quality will be analyzed to determine if management practices have an effects on its content from different farms. In milk I will analyse proteins, fats, lactose, non-solid fat and urea in milk components. The quality will be analyzed to verify if feeds offered to dairy cattle are of either good or bad quality. 

As an interdisciplinary project, other PhD stutents will check other parameters which might have an impact on child growth/malnutrition.


University of Rwanda (UR) and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)


Bachelor: Veterinary Medicine

Masters: Animal Nutrition

Selected publications

Effects of substituting sow and weaner meal with brewers' spent grains on the performance of growing pigs in Rwanda. Link below




Doctoral Student at the Department of Animal Nutrition and Management; Nutrition, Ruminants
Postal address:
Box 7024
750 07 Uppsala
Visiting address: Ulls väg 26, Uppsala