10 Apr


Food system in transition - The Food Science Sweden Conference 2024

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The Swedish food system is confronted with significant challenges related to sustainability and health, yet it also presents great opportunities to address future challenges. The Food Science Sweden Conference 2024 in Örebro will showcase compelling initiatives associated with health and sustainability. Additionally, it will highlight the measures taken in the value chains to reshape the food system toward sustainability.

What is a food system? Does the Swedish food system differ from other European food systems?

Four years ago, in 2020, The Formas Research Council in Sweden provided funding for four centers for sustainability and competitiveness in the food system. Since then, the four centers – BLUE FOOD, PAN Sweden, FINEST, and SustAinimal - have taken important steps to contribute to the development and innovation of the food system. All centers have initiated close collaborations with researchers, the food sector, and stakeholders to build knowledge and skills throughout the food chain. During the Food Science Sweden Conference 2024 we will hear about the collaborations, lessons learned, and the role the centers have played in the transition of the food system, as well as getting an insight into other European food systems.

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Time: 2024-04-10 -
City: Örebro
Organiser: Food Science Sweden
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Food Science Sweden (FSS) is a national platform aimed at strengthening and visualizing Swedish food science research.

 FSS is a joint organization, gathering the largest players in Swedish food science research – Chalmers, Lund University, SLU, Örebro University, KTH and RISE. FSS is also supported by the Swedish Food Federation (Livsmedelsföretagen). The purpose of FSS is to strengthen Swedish food science research by being a clear and collective representative of the field. We therefore want to create improved cooperation between partner organizations, as well as with authorities and the industry.