15 Mar


Webinar: The impact of thinning on feedstock properties of fast-growing broadleaf trees - for bioenergy and material production

Trees For Me invites you to a webinar on thinning of fast-growing broadleaf trees for bioenergy and materials.

PhD student Sruthy Vattaparambil Sudharsan, working for Luleå University of Technology and within Trees For Me, will share a statistical analysis of biomass utilisation in Swedish biorefineries, and how the feedstock properties could be impacted by thinning operations of fast-growing broadleaf trees.

About Sruthy Vattaparambil Sudharsan and her PhD project - treesforme.se

About the research project "Thermochemical valorization of fast-growing trees" - treesforme.se

Registration and more information

The webinar is held in English, online via Zoom, and is open for anyone interested.

Registration and more information - treesforme.se


Time: 2024-03-15 14:00 - 15:00
City: Online
Organiser: Trees For Me