Docent lectures at SLU in Alnarp

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Welcome to the docent lectures at the Faculty of of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop Production science the 20th of April.


Lectures will be given in the same language as the titles are given in. Each lecture session is 60 minutes. Click on the title of the lecture for a summary.

Kl. 9.00 – Title: Hot topics and burning issues in landscape planning
The lectur is given by av fil. dr. Andrew Butler, Department of Urban and Rural Development.

Kl. 11.00 – Title: Nature as a source for human health and well-being
The lecture is given by fil. dr. Anna Maria Pálsdóttir, Department of People and Society.

Kl. 13.15 – Title: Phenotyping-when it takes chemistry to work
The lecture is given by fil. dr. Björn Bohman, Department of Plant Protection Biology.

Kl. 15.15 – Title: Facilitating the impact of plant breeding research and innovation
The lecture is given by fil. dr. Dennis Eriksson, Department of Plant Breeding.