Eye in vegetation. Photo.
14 May

Video webinar, Uppsala, etc.

Webinar: About Artportalen - the Swedish species observation system - and about the Swedish national phenology network

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Stephen Coulson (to the left) and Ola Langvall (to the right), both at SLU. Photo.

Presenters at the second webinar in the series about citizen science is Stephen Coulson from the SLU Swedish Species Information Centre and Ola Langvall from the Unit for Field-based Forest Research at SLU.

This webinar is aimed at SLU staff and presentations will be held in English. Questions to the presenters are also welcome in Swedish.


  • Artportalen, The Swedish species observation system Stephen Coulson, SLU Swedish Species Information Centre.
  • The Swedish national phenology network and reporting system Naturens kalender, "Nature's calendar"  Ola Langvall, Unit for Field-based Forest Research at SLU.