New equal opportunities officer

Last changed: 14 February 2023
Photo of Anna Tengstam, equal opportunities officer

Anna Tengstam is new equal opportunities officer at the LTV Faculty since August last year.

Here Anna tells us about her work.

Gender equality and equal opportunities are closely related to labour law and work environment regulations, and I dare say that it forms a significant part of how we work with the work environment. It is clear that extensive work is underway within gender equality and equal opportunities (JLV) at various levels within SLU. There is a lot to do and I often remind myself that not everything can be done at once - the work is not limited in time, it will always be needed.

Planning for 2022

In Alnarp, it has been requested that we are more specific regarding JLV planning for 2022 and which activities we should prioritize for employees and students. After discussions in the committee and a designated working group, I have compiled an action plan for 2022 that looks a little different from to before. The purpose is to make it clearer what the committee is to work with, but it will also be easy to follow up.

Focus on education

From my perspective, the biggest challenge in the JLV work is to transform the theoretically obvious into an active practical work for each and every one of us. We all need a programmed "JLV-thinking" in everyday life, and to get there we must continue to spread knowledge, discuss, dare to question, and listen (unfortunately there is no chip to insert, yet!). In Alnarp, as part of this work, we have chosen to first focus on education for the local collaboration groups, which generally has been very appreciated.



Anna's office is in the castle and she formally belong to the HR unit in Alnarp. She has previously worked as an ombudsman for the trade union Unionen and have focused on labor law and work environment related matters for many years.