New from the management at LTV

Last changed: 13 July 2023

It’s almost like it used to be, the scenery outside quickly passing by as I’m writing this on one of my first post-pandemic trips to Stockholm. We’re finally able to meet face to face again. But what have two years of worry, physical distancing, online meetings and distance work taught us?

The pandemic meant we quickly had to learn to master more tools and methods in different contexts – a development entirely in line with SLU’s strategy. We’ve experienced the benefits of distance work, but at the same time, we’ve come to appreciate meeting face to face, not least as that means we can read the body language of the person we’re talking to, such an important aspect of successful communication. Despite restrictions and the need for physical distancing, at SLU we’re now closer than before as in online meetings, the conditions are the same regardless of what campus you attend from. The pandemic has also reminded us of the importance of compassion and caring for each other. As we gradually return to the place of work, we do so with a different view of how we can work to make use of the opportunities offered by the future and, in the long run, achieve a more sustainable work-life balance.

Work at the faculty

At the LTV Faculty, work has started properly with new boards and committees in place. There will be new ways of working, soon to be described in a dean’s decision. Work on the operational plan that we do together, the faculty and the departments, remains in place to fulfil the objectives described in the strategies at faculty and SLU level. The faculty management is currently busy reviewing the actions prioritised by the faculty board for 2022 to decide on further concrete efforts.

Construction work and campus development

New ways of working, both in core and auxiliary operations, are also important pillars in the processes taking place this spring to arrive at a plan for what our Alnarp facilities will look like in the future. Processes related to the development of office, learning and lab environments will take place this spring in cooperation between SLU Facilities and Projects, the faculty and the recently appointed competence groups. These processes will be facilitated by internal and external consultants. At the same time, analyses of future rent-setting have been launched.

Visits to Alnarp and the LTV Faculty

The university management, the vice-chancellor, deputy vice-chancellor and the chief operating officer visited us the 17th of March to discuss the faculty’s 2021 results as well as future development. The discussions were constructive, and everyone involved was pleased with the outcome. Also, the SLU Board will hold its 27 April meeting in Alnarp.

Best wishes,

Margit Nothnagl, head of faculty administration, LTV Faculty