Grand closing ceremony

Last changed: 30 May 2023

LTV Faculty in cooperation with Alnarp Student Union (ASK) arranged a closing ceremony on May 26th for students in their last/final year of study.

This was the second year for this arrangement, but it has already become an appreciated event among the students, and our ambition is to make it a tradition also in the future!

The assembly hall was almost full with students from the vocational programmes together with family and friends. Deputy Dean Karl Lövrie led the ceremony, and each programme director of studies gave a short speech to their students to wish them well for the future. The chairman of ASK Gustaf Kihlstedt also gave a speech, and there was musical entertainment by Lars Mogren. Jan Larsson presented the scholarship recipients, and Jill Streimert handed out ASK:s pedagogical award to Lisa Norfall.

In Loftet, Dean Christina Lunner Kolstrup led the ceremony together with the programme director of studies for the master students. The Alnarp Band performed a few songs, and Gustaf Kihlstedt also gave his speech.

Many thanks to everyone involved for an atmospheric and festive end to the semester!

Annica Thomsson and Johanna Kemoka