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Data Management Guidance and Development

The Unit for Data Management Guidance and Development (DMGD) is a support organisation for EMA with a mandate to develop the systematic quality work, strengthen coordination and in the long term, work towards making SLU's environmental data quality-assured and available.

Systematic quality work with EMA data

SLU has been carrying out systematic quality work for data management in environmental monitoring and assessment for several years. Click here to read more about the objectives and requirements of the quality work.

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Status of the systematic quality work and open data availability

Read more about the status of work on data quality in environmental monitoring and assessment, and work with SLU's environmental goals on open data.

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SLU's environmental data catalogue

DMGD manages SLU's catalogue with open data from environmental assessment.

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DMGD regularly hosts webinars to educate and inspire everyone involved in environmental monitoring and assessment at SLU.

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How to create descriptions in SLU's environmental data catalogue

SLU's environmental data catalogue contains openly available data from SLU's environmental monitoring and assessment. This guide describes how to create and edit data description pages for the catalogue.

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SLU's data management policy

Since 2022, SLU has had a policy outlining the principles of data management at the University, including storage, publication and accessibility. Click here to read more.

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Data Management Support

DMGD is part of the Data Management Support (DMS) unit at the SLU library. DMS is a university-wide support function that provides support and guidance for all aspects of data management to SLU staff and students.

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Published: 25 June 2024 - Page editor: miljodatastod@slu.se