Last changed: 02 June 2023

Here you can get answers to frequently asked questions about the studio's operations and what expectations you can have of the service, but also what expectations are placed on you as a user.

Find the studio

The Teaching House
Almas Allé 10
756 51 Uppsala

You can find the Ultuna recording studio in the old Hall J, on the lower level of the Education Building.

Is it really free to book the studio?

In order for the studio to be as useful as possible and to give users equal access to recorded material in a professional environment, the University management has chosen to centrally finance the room with associated resources. This means that from the time you submit a request, to pre-meeting, planning, recording, simple editing and publishing, the service is free of charge.

In cases where a production requires the use of extra technology or resources, for example in the case of live broadcasts, the customer will be charged for the parts that are not included in the standard range.

What is included in the service?

  • Premises rent
  • Email support
  • Pre-meeting and support in planning work
  • Table setting/adaptation of furniture and props belonging to the studio
  • Technical support during recording by one (1) technician
  • Easier editing of recorded material
  • Publication and automatically generated subtitling on SLU-Play

What is not included?

  • Manual subtitling
  • Extra resources for larger productions
  • Advanced animation/graphics/editing
  • Presentation material

Does the studio have a priority order?

The studio has a soft prioritization, where the order is set in how far in advance you can book a recording or broadcast opportunity.

  • Larger events, conferences and holidays require extra resources and therefore need to be booked at least two months in advance, but have no upper limit on how far in advance they can be booked.
  • Standard recordings that only require a technician on site are booked at least two weeks in advance and at most two months in order not to create conflicts in the planning.
  • Self-recordings can be booked at short notice, but no later than two weeks in advance, again so as not to create conflicts in the planning.

How often can I book the studio?

When you have submitted your request for recording or broadcasting to us, you will be contacted for coordination. The limitation in bookings is set by the order of priority and the capacity of the service. The studio coordinator plans the activities and tries to find times that suit all parties.

If you have a request for a special date and time that does not fit into the studio's planning, we either have to deny your request, or resolve the occasion through AV supports fee-financed event operations.

Why is a pre-meeting necessary?

Before a recording or broadcast, a pre-meeting is usually booked, where together with studio technicians, the purpose of the recording and the target group the material is aimed at are reviewed. After that, you jointly agree on which arrangement is most suitable and book a time for recording or broadcasting.

How and where is the material submitted/published?

The material is usually saved on SLU Play, but can also be obtained on a USB stick. Other forms of publication or sharing of material are done by agreement.

How do I access my recording on SLU Play?

Anyone with an SLU AD account can log into SLU Play to find their recording under My Media. There is a large selection of tips on SLU Play for how to manage your material. You can find the guides here.

Are subtitles included in my recording?

In connection with the material being published on SLU Play, we create an automatic transcription that creates a subtitle track for your recording. The sound quality in the studio is very good, which increases accuracy, but the tool can misinterpret language. If you wish to make adjustments to the subtitles, you as the customer are responsible for the content. SLU Play has built-in tools to change subtitles and you can find subtitle editing guide here.

What does self-recording mean?

The studio is equipped with a stand-alone station for self-recording, where you as a user have the opportunity to record a presentation with high sound and image quality, using user-friendly technology. The station is an all-in-one solution that includes an adjustable table with a mounted preview monitor, camera and microphone, as well as an HDMI cable for connecting a laptop and a touch panel for control.

As a user, you bring your laptop with presentation material, plug it into the station, enter your AD account on the touch panel and click start recording. When you are finished and end your recording, the material is automatically uploaded to your account at SLU Play.

As support before the recording, you can take a course in self-recording. You can also get a simpler start help to get started at the time of recording.

Will the recording studio come to more locations?

There is clearly a demand for similar services from other locations. Provided that the investment at Ultuna is successful, the ambition is for full-scale studio premises to be established at SLU's other locations where AV support is active.